Choosing Linux Accounting Software

Small businesses usually run computer systems based on either Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh based systems. There are a wide range of business software applications available for these systems. But what if you’re running Linux, Unix, BSD or Solaris based operating systems? Can you still have access to the quality business finance packages available for Windows or the Mac OS? Here’s some information about Linux accounting software and financial packages.


For anyone interested in running a small business or looking after their personal finances on a Linux based operating system then GnuCash is worth a look. GnuCash is a free, open source accounts package that’s available for Linux, Unix and a wide range of other operating systems. Features of GnuCash include profit and loss accounting, double entry bookkeeping, currency conversion, and various reporting options. Here’s a more in depth look at the features GnuCash offers.

Linux Ledgers is an alternative to GnuCash, although the website hasn’t been updated for some time. The Basic Books Linux Ledgers software is offered as a free download.

Other Linux Accounting Software Options

Open Office is also worth investigating. This software application package is a free, open source software suite that includes a word processor, spreadsheet and database application. The spreadsheet (Open Office Calc) may be sufficient for maintaining simple accounts for personal use or small businesses.

Open source applications for Linux generally allow you to download the source code, as well as previously compiled applications. The open source nature of the applications mean that it’s often possible to get a number of third party modules and add-ons for the basic software.

Finally, one increasingly popular way of accessing financial software is to subscribe to a web based service. Since these services run in a web browser, no additional software needs to be installed on the computer. Consequently many of these services can be used on a Linux based system, provided it has internet access. Check with the software as a service provider though, because some may specify that the service only works with a particular type and version of web browser.

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