KashFlow Accounts Software for PC and Apple Mac

KashFlow is accounting software for small businesses. KashFlow is web browser based, and so it can be used from any computer with an Internet connection. Being Internet based means that KashFlow is a good solution for small businesses with mobile staff, or with small numbers of staff who work both in the office as well as from home.

KashFlow is available for both Windows PCs and Apple Macs. In this respect it is unusual as there aren’t that many dedicated financial packages available for Mac based computers.

KashFlow is very popular and is widely used by a wide range of small businesses. When choosing an accounts package it is always a good idea to go for one of the market leaders. This ensures that the software is kept up to date. Another important reason for choosing market leading software is that it makes it much easier to find bookkeepers and accountants who are familiar with the software.

KashFlow has the usual business accounting functionality. It is aimed particularly at smaller businesses. Because small business owners usually have to handle most aspects of their businesses themselves, KashFlow makes no assumption about the end user knowing anything about bookkeeping. KashFlow makes it easy to handle the mundane but vital side of business such as raising invoices, printing packing slips and tracking expenses. KashFlow has sophisticated reporting tools available, so you can produce reports and sales forecasts without having to wait until the end of the financial year.

KashFlow is particularly suitable for small online businesses who generate a significant source of their income from the internet. KashFlow supports sales in multiple currencies, so it’s possible to run an export business using KashFlow as the accounting software. KashFlow also has a number of modules allowing it to integrate with PayPal, WorldPay and a range of other online payment processing providers. It’s also possible to get add-ons for handling credit card orders.

The KashFlow software is available as a free trial version, so you can evaluate the product and see if it is suitable for your requirements. Once you decide to buy KashFlow for your business then the software is available on a fixed price monthly fee, making it easier to handle the cost of purchase compared to having to buy the software outright before you start using it.

KashFlow Add-On Modules

Because every business is different, each business has a particular set of requirements when it comes to accounting software. Different sized businesses will also have a different set of requirements to medium or lage sized businesses.

KashFlow has a number of add-on modules that can be used to perform a wide range of business accountancy functions. Add-ons include:

  • Payroll processing systems that are compatible with the IRS systems (USA) or HMRC (UK).
  • Ecommerce systems to help with running online stores (such as inventory management and stock control). Many of the ecommerce add-ons for KashFlow allow full integration with the website’s ecommerce software, so that customer orders and address details may be automatically imported into KashFlow’s accounts.
  • Time and project management modules. These can be used to track the time spent on projects, which is essential for many service based industries such as technical support, law or financial services.
  • Document sharing modules that can streamline administrative tasks in a busy office.
  • Document management and scanning applications that can scan receipts and invoices straight into KashFlow .
  • Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) that are vital for improving the profitability and utilisation of a company’s sales force.
  • Payment modules are available that allow for full integration with the wide range of payment methods available today. Modules are available that allow for integration with credit card processors as well as with the popular web based PayPal and WorldPay payments systems.

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