Pastel Payroll – Payroll and HR Software

Pastel Payroll is South Africa’s leading seller of HR and payroll software. Pastel Payroll is in use by many of South Africa’s leading businesses.

Payroll software is normally country specific due to local labor laws, and Pastel Payroll is no exception. It is specifically tailored for the South African market, and is fully compliant with South African tax regulations.

Pastel’s software products are designed to be flexible, and can be used by businesses of all sizes. Pastel MicrOpay is the payroll solution targeted at small businesses with only a few employees. The software can also be integrated with both the Pastel Xpress accounting software package and Pastel Partner accounting software for larger businesses.

Pastel’s products are modular and designed to be extremely flexible. Pastel Partner has a range of modules including banking modules, point of sale modules and multi-currency capabilities. Many of Pastel’s products may be purchased online via the online store.

Pastel offers a range of training courses so that your employees can become familiar with the system. The training courses are designed with the South African business environment in mind, so that the lectures and course materials are highly geared towards the local HR regulations. Courses are also run for the Pastel MicrOpay and Pastel Evolution systems. Courses are offered for different end users of the system, from tax specialists and payroll administrators to software installers and IT trainers based in house.

Pastel Payroll and HR Software

Other software products from Pastel Payroll include a popular HR system that allows an unlimited number of employees to be managed. The system is designed to be so easy to use that it can be operated by a complete novice user with no formal HR training. The HR system is supplied with all of the templates and forms required for hiring, managing and dismissing employees. It can be fully integrated with the Pastel Payroll software.

Pastel Payroll is owned by the UK’s Sage software, one of the world’s leading suppliers of tax, accounting and payroll software.

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