Payroll Software for Apple Macs

Most financial software is designed for PCs. But what if your office is Mac based? Don’t worry, there are a wide range of payroll software solutions for the Apple Mac, meaning that a Mac based business can have access to the same high quality business accounting software as is available for PC based businesses.

QuickBooks Payroll for Mac from Intuit is the payroll module for one of the most popular accounting packages there is. The Mac version is specially designed for the Apple Mac so it has the usual look and feel of other Macintosh applications. QuickBooks is one of the industry standard accounting packages so it’s easy to find bookkeepers and accounts staff who are familiar with using it.

As an alternative to QuickBooks for the Mac or the offerings from Sage, there is an accounting package called KashFlow. This small business accounting package is available for both Windows and Mac based computers. Although KashFlow doesn’t have any integral support for payroll processing, it does link to a number of payroll solutions including 12Pay Payroll software (HMRC accredited), MyPayUSA (for US based small businesses), MyPAYE and The Payroll Site.

Web Based Payroll Software

An alternative to finding a special Mac based payroll package is to simply use a web based payroll service. A web based service can generally be used by a computer with any type of operating system provided it has an up to date web browser available for it.

Web based payroll solutions have other advantages. They’re normally paid for on a monthly basis so it’s a fixed monthly cost rather than a capital purchase – this keeps accountants and business owners happy as recurring expenses are easier to budget for.

Web based offerings are updated and maintained by the payroll service provider, so if a new tax regulation comes out then it’s up to the provider to update their website software. Finally the web based payroll software can be accessed anywhere so it’s ideally suited to today’s modern office where employees may be out on the road or even working from home.

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